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Friday, February 03, 2017

Orwellian Reich

I've watched some of the video of the riot at Berkeley the other evening where a student protest against a controversial homosexual Jewish news commentator turned violent.

Earlier today I came across this video from InfoWars where Berkeley professor Robert Reich gives instructions on how to protest against Republican hate.

So then this evening I see on a CNN interview where the very same Robert Reich tries to imply that it was not leftist Berkeley students participating in the violence but rumor has it that instead it was right wing Trump supporters.

Perhaps he's right but it seems unlikely. It seems more likely that if the instigators of violence are paid insurgents there would be a far higher likelihood they would be working for the kind of people who instigated the riots in the Ukraine in 2014. I was reading that Soros had something (major) to do with those? Maybe? Google it.

But hey, maybe it was Russian infiltrators at Berkeley, eh? Maybe the Russians instigated the 2014 riots in the Ukraine too just to get the Ukrainian people to overthrow their Russian-friendly government and cozy up to European interests instead. Now there's an Orwellian idea if there ever was one. Blame everything on those nasty Russians.

I never did like Reich much but I can't imagine wasting good tuition money on him. The word sniveling comes to mind, not sure why. Imagine spending semesters listening to whiny nasal leftist revolutionary bullshit. But I'm sure none of his admirers see him through that distorted lens.
Me bad.

Update 2/6/17
I heard something online about outsiders dressed in black Ninja-like outfits instigating the violence. I'm sure once those Ninja folks arrived all the good Leftist Berkeley student protestors saw the light and ended their own foolish behavior. Yes? No?
Kids these days, like a bunch of brainwashed infants.
Wake up little children. Time to go to school to learn how to conform. No independent thinking allowed in your narrow left-wing ideals.

Update 2/7/17
A message to all you indignant Nazi-hate loving leftist protesters...

Trump, Hitler, and the Millennial Hero Complex

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Cause of Our Fear of Islam

Eight years ago this didn't exist.

The Islamic State (Full Length)

This tyranny is what Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is warning us about because we support these people in order to covertly defeat Syria, one of Israel's enemies.

Senator John McCain knows these people.

This is what we risk nuclear war with Russia over because Russia sides with Syria against these tyrants.

Any questions?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Message about Islam for Feminists

Women, learn to speak the truth about Islam.

Another sane woman's voice.

While we're talking about leftist women, give a listen to The Patriot Nurse

A man's perspective

Pardon the subtitles, but France is waking up to the truth

Elephant Mountain Maine

This morning I heard the news that Dante Bulli, the pilot of the B-52 which crashed on Elephant Mountain late in January 1963 passed away last month. I'll link to an ABC article for more information. My condolences to his family and friends.

Aviation Safety Network incident number 48333 covers this crash incident and identifies the airplane as a B-52C number 53-0406.
Later in the same month another B-52 crashed in New Mexico. Aviation Safety Network incident number 48392 identifies the airplane in this New Mexico crash as a B-52E number 57-0018.
Seven airmen lost their lives in the Elephant Mountain crash. Another two airmen lost their lives in the New Mexico crash according to these ASN reports.

Just now I found this incident report, again at the ASN website, incident number 48295, describing a follow-up incident in January of 1964 where a B-52H model on loan back to Boeing to test stress from low-level radar avoidance flights lost its vertical stabilizer and rudder but miraculously and at great risk to the crew after six more hours of flight landed at Blytheville Air Force Base, Arkansas.

The second survivor of the January 1963 Elephant Mountain crash, Gerald Adler, ejected from one of the upward-ejecting seats and survived the fall despite the fact that his parachute never deployed. Adler was not sitting in his usual navigator position on the lower deck. That seat and the seat beside it eject downward. Three seats on the upper deck eject upward and Adler was in the third upward-ejecting seat.

Google Earth shows the trailhead for this crash site at 45 degrees 31 minutes 40.5 seconds north latitude, 69 degrees 26 minutes 04 seconds west longitude. This location is 6.8 miles northeast of the house that I grew up in. The crash took place probably during my bus ride home from school when I was in 8th grade. My house overlooked Lower Wilson Pond and several mountains including the west face of Elephant Mountain where the crash site is located. Two large picture windows in my home faced the direction of the crash but unfortunately for the crash survivors, we didn't see the smoke. It was a brutally cold January day with strong northerly winds blowing plumes of drifting snow across the ice of Wilson Pond. In the days that followed rescue helicopters from
Dow Air Force Base in Bangor flew directly over our house on their flight from the Greenville airport to the rescue site at the base of the mountain. Rescue crews followed logging roads up the side of the mountain to the crash site.

I first visited the crash site in May, 1963. Air Force search teams were still searching the wreckage. I can still remember the strong smell of jet fuel. At that time there were no roads closer than the old logging camp location on North Brook, the spot where now the Elephant Mountain access roads cross North Brook. The rest of the trip was an uphill hike on eroded logging roads.

I believe I took my first pictures of the crash site in the spring of 1968 when I was home on leave from the Air Force although it may have been when I came home in May 1970 before my deployment to England. Back in 1963 I remember hearing stories of wreckage being hauled through town but I never witnessed any of that. What amazed me on my first trips to the site was that the only recognizable part of the fuselage was the tail gunner's section which remains to this day on site. Broad flat sections of the wings, intact landing gear with tires, heavily damaged, and as I recall all eight jet engines were scattered in a field of smaller debris along a northerly path downslope through charred hardwoods crossing several logging paths that traversed that section  of the mountain. Years later I learned that the vertical stabilizer was still on the ground on the far side of the mountain although to this day I have not been there to see it.

Some of the wreckage was salvaged when the paper company built permanent gravel roads into the area but a local snowmobile group organized an effort to recognize this site as an historical monument rescuing the remaining wreckage from further salvage. The site is accessible by snowmobile in winter but summer visitors can drive by car (no all-wheel-drive required) to a trail which meanders for a couple hundred yards up through the debris field.

I worked on the B-52H model at Grand Forks Air Force Base and briefly on the D model in Fort Worth, Texas as an avionics technician. A few of the men in my shop flew along on some of the training missions but I was transferred out of that work before I had any such opportunity. Until today I thought the H model didn't have that vertical stabilizer problem in low-level flight. I knew that on earlier models of the B-52 the vertical stabilizer was on a hinge such that it could be folded over sideways giving the plane the clearance it needed to fit inside a maintenance hanger. From 1968 I remember older B-52 models used for training on the flight line at Chanute Air Force Base with their tails folded down. Later models didn't have this feature and I always thought these later models were safe during low level flight but clearly I was mistaken.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Safer Motorcycle

That seems like an oxymoron to me, the phrase "safer motorcycle". Aren't all motorcycles sort of inherently unsafe? Don't they just plain want to turn over sideways and dump the flesh of their riders' bodies onto the road? I suppose that's one of the reasons why we have started seeing those flashy three-wheeler things driving around that from almost any perspective look like some sort of cringingly unstable sports car.

Wouldn't it be safer of they added a 4th wheel to those things?

So here's my question:

Why aren't there any four-wheel motorcycles? Would that be politically incorrect or something?


We seem to be on a roll tonight. Now my overly-simplistic definition of Liberalism. All this debate going on at all these high institutions of learning and what do we get? A muddy understanding of only semi-defined words and concepts.

So let's try simplifying Liberalism, which many are starting to think is a modern-age plague.

Making it simple...

Liberalism is the belief that a parent's right to teach his or her children discipline and respect for elders and authority should be severely curtailed.

Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism

There seems to be some debate about what islamophobia is, how it should be defined, what sorts of beliefs and activities qualify.

I like to keep things as simple as possible in my mind probably because my mind, when it comes to stuff like this, is so tiny but let's give this a try. So I say to myself, self, define what islamophobia means to you.

Islamophobia is the fear of offending Muslims by speaking the truth about their religion because we have been conditioned to believe that if you tell a Muslim the truth about his religion he will be offended and become violent and abusive.

I am finding that if I use this definition, much of what is said now in Europe and in the USA makes more sense.

Anti-Semitism has a similar definition in my overly simplistic mind.

Anti-Semitism is the belief that if you speak the truth about Israel and Zionism or about the role Jews have played in history, you should be covertly retaliated against.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Immigration Comedy and All That Jazz

I've been watching old movies again, well one old movie anyway, Shipping News. A common thread in that movie is writing catchy headlines for newspaper articles. I'll keep working on it.

Normally there isn't much for headlines on Sunday morning until the Sunday morning network talk shows air but today seems to be an exception. You see, there was a nuclear bomb dropped right in the heart of the free world and the fallout has already tainted life here on the planet forever.

Well, figuratively anyway. As in it might as well have happened that way considering the attention given in this morning's headlines.

It seems the whole world is in an uproar because the President of the United States thought he had the authority to actually say who can and who can not enter into this country by enforcing existing law.

The audacity!!!

What could he possibly have been thinking! Who does he think he is, the President???

I could be wrong but I'm thinking maybe there is a growing population of Americans who are beginning to imagine that immigration is becoming a problem for people accustomed to living in freedom in a free world.

And I'm thinking those people, that growing population of people who do value freedom, aren't the problem.

I'm thinking the problem is that there aren't enough of those people living in countries where freedom is still tolerated to maintain freedom itself.

Maybe I need to qualify my use of the word "freedom" here since in true Orwellian society words can have multiple - even conflicting and opposing - meanings.

When I speak of freedom I'm not talking about the freedom to shoot oneself in the head. I'm not talking about a society's right to eliminate freedom from its midst. I'm even inclined to think that maybe in the contract we made with government when we set up our governments there may be clauses that demand that we don't give ourselves or our governments the right to overthrow our government by overpopulating our nation with people who prefer not to be free, people like the kinds of Muslims who prefer Sharia Law.

But that's just me...
and a few million others...
Nobody else seems to get my point.

And it's all those nobody else's that all these headlines this morning seem to be aimed at.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday educating myself as to the nature of this situation we find ourselves in here in the West, the problem with welcoming immigrants who don't accept our values, the problem of this looming societal suicide of Western Civilization. My teacher for the day was born Irish Catholic just about the same time in world history as myself. He has been a career comedian so he has a way with surprising his audience with the unexpected. Recently he has focused on this rising trend in Europe and in Britain.

His work is so controversial that YouTube has actually found cause to censor him.
But he's back!

Google Pat Condell