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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Real Conservatives

I've been saying for awhile that real Republicans should give Bush his walking papers. Most of the Republicans I know, though, are reactionary and their support for Bush is based on single issues like Bush's apparent religious views on abortion. Republicans who support Bush tend to have allowed Bush to convince them that things like preemptive war, torture, warrantless domestic spying, deficit spending, ad homonym debate as a White House policy, capitalist crony politics (political lobbyist graft) and dozens of other disgusting new policies are perfectly normal things for America to be doing. It's not like these Republicans supported these things in the year 2000. They supported the religious views on abortion in 2000 or they supported tax cuts for the wealthy. All the rest of this has come into their realm of acceptable behavior since 2000.
But at least there are a few conservatives out there not blinded by the brilliance of Karl Rove. Dana Milbank reports...

Friday, March 10, 2006


Forget 9/11. That's reactionary. We need to concern ourselves with free trade but here the Democrats are being Islamophobic. Sure the Republicans are the ones being credited with standing up to Bush and shooting down the deal with Dubai Ports, but now that they have their victory it's time to point the finger at the Democrats for being so against investment and trade. The Republicans are just in this for politics, but the dumb Democrats think there's some real danger involved here. Bush and all of his pundits are slowly bringing the flock back around to the notion that the real concern is trade. Bush has security all wrapped up. Security is not anything to worry about. It's time to get back to Democrat bashing. The Republicans in Congress have their victory.
It really does baffle me how this can be anything but pre-9/11 thinking. The only thing we're saving post-9/11 thinking for now is the lead-up to the Iran War, the next preemptive American war if we can't incite Iran to attack us first or else we do something to fake an attack. One way or another we'll get that war going and then depend on the post-9/11 mentality of Americans to fuel it.
My son had Rush playing on the radio a little while ago and he was ranting about how Islamophobic America has become. He's already starting the movement to blame it on the Democrats. He's suggesting that Haliburton should take over the ports instead of the UAE if we become so protectionist that we won't allow foreign ownership of the companies we depend on for our safety. Even Rush is pre-9/11 now.
I turned on the TV this morning when I woke up just to check on the weather but wound up listening to an interview on CBS about this Dubai topic. They stressed how the Republicans in Congress had stood up against the Bush administration, not how Democrats had but how Republicans had. While posting a baby-faced photo of Karl Rove full-screen they discussed how Bush should but won't (chuckle) change some top White House officials.
It sure looks to me like a cleverly planned political strategy that worked perfectly despite all the complaints against the Bush White House. The mainstream media has played this whole story right into the hands of the Republicans. Why? Because they're just a bunch of White House whores? Hey, just venturing a guess here. No offense, guys.
Here's what I think happened.
I think virtually every Republican on the planet realizes that if the Republican Party loses control of Congress in this year's election, the Democrats will impeach Bush, Cheney, and the whole bunch in the White House. The only possible thing that can save them from that is if Republicans maintain control of Congress. There's no question that this Dubai deal has helped Congressional Republicans from a political standpoint, from the standpoint of public support for congressional Republicans. This whole affair turned the Abramof-stained Republicans in Congress into folk heroes. Although it seems like the Bush White House lost, they actually stand to win from this. This deal has significantly improved Bush's chances of reaching 2009 without being impeached! If that's not a Bush/Rove/Cheney victory, it's hard to imagine what would be.
It's all about political strategy. It makes no sense at all if you look at this deal from any other viewpoint, but from this viewpoint it makes complete sense. Did Rove plan it? The media is trying to make out that Rove knew nothing at all about it. While that's extremely unlikely, I think it's unlikely that Rove has the clout in the business world to pull off something this big. But you know, if this was planned, it was planned with the full knowledge and consent of Bush and Cheney and Rove.
If you don't believe that, then you're left to think that Bush and Cheney and Rove bungled it again. Yeah, right. Roll me another one, Karl.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dire Threat

It was reported yesterday and is being reported today that Iran threatened the United States. I was out on the road but heard about it on the radio. The article on the front page (below the fold) of today's Bangor Daily News is titled Iran issues threats against U.S.: Security Council on alert for nuclear activity.
From the CNN post that I referenced above, here is the "threat":
"The United States may have the power to cause harm and pain but it is also susceptible to harm and pain," Vaeedi said. "So if the United States wishes to choose that path let the ball roll."

According to this article, Javad Vaeedi is "the deputy head for international affairs of Iran's Supreme National Security Council." The CNN page links to a video segment showing Vaeedi making this "threat" as well as hype to persuade the viewer of the seriousness of Iran's nuclear ambitions and the need for UN and/or US intervention.
Now while you make shake in your shoes at those "threatening" words coming from the lips of an Iranian official, for some reason they didn't seem all that "threatening" to me. They certainly were nowhere near as "threatening" as have been the words of Vice President Dick Cheney, recognized for his tendency to pull the trigger now, look later.
Let me explain what I think Iran meant, just in case you haven't picked it up by reading some of my fairly recent posts. There are more than one way to inflict pain on the United States and Iran is in a position to do it through non-violent means.
For instance, it is said that Iran is the world's number 4 oil producer. Right now oil production is rumored to be near its maximum output and that output is just barely meeting the world demand for the consumption of oil. If something should happen to significantly reduce the world production of oil, demand would soon exceed supply and the price of oil would shoot for the stars. If that were to happen any time soon, it could and probably would have a major impact on the world's economy. Harm and pain well describes that scenario. Being the number 4 oil producer, Iran may very well have the power to inflict such harm and pain simply by removing Iranian oil from the world oil market for awhile. Hey, the oil isn't going anywhere, right? What they don't sell this year, they can sell next year or the year after, right? I mean, it IS their oil, isn't it? Well, isn't it?
Or perhaps Iran could become the only major oil supplier to market its own oil not for the world oil currency of US dollars, but instead, for Euros. I've read that should they do that, which is in their plans, and should it catch on with a few other big oil producers, it's possible that the dollar may lose its place as the world's exchange currency. That could give the currency traders and US bond holders like China some major jitters. Should a panic ensue, the value of the US dollar on the world currency markets could tumble. That might be a way to cause harm and pain on the US without necessarily affecting the rest of the world.
The point is that Iran has ways to harm and hurt the US economy that have nothing to do with their developing and somehow dropping "the bomb" on us. Our reaction is that we can't allow Iran to play with the king and queen on the Globalization chessboard. Iran is one of the pawns and we're going to take them out before they reach the other end of the board. So it is us, the United States, who is the aggressor here. Iran's merely playing the global economy game and it is that, not Iran's nuclear ambitions, that has us shaking in our shoes.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Now here's a good one. It seems that William Kristol thinks Bush isn't a competent enough executioner to satisfy the Neo-Conservative needs.
Don't you just love it?


Why is it that reading conservative blogs is so often so similar to reading porn? Why is it such an affront to decency?
Beautiful Atrocities?
Is this an ad hominem statement?