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Friday, April 20, 2007

Proof Positive

We're always looking for something positive to say about the American effort in Iraq. Along comes a little news bite that is proof positive of the American legacy. This story even comes complete with a high-level denial of the facts by a US general. How Orwellian!
U.S. Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, the top spokesman for coalition forces in Iraq, was quoted as saying Wednesday that he was unaware of any effort to build a wall dividing Shiite and Sunni enclaves in Baghdad and that such a tactic was not a policy of the Baghdad security plan.
Isn't it fascinating how many walls have been built since George Bush became president?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Frogs Eggs

I was raised in the country, not on a working farm but still on a back road in the country well away from town. In Maine there is a lot of water around in the spring when the snow melts and the frost leaves the ground. That water would stand in pools in the ditches alongside the roads, sometimes for weeks.
After mid May those pools would come alive with peepers, small frogs in a hurry to get the next generation of frogs started. Each new day there would be a new batch of frogs eggs bunched together in a see-through gel not unlike wet Jell-O.
I remember picking up these masses of eggs with my hands. Aside from being cold and wet, they had the consistency of slime. Each egg was a tiny black eye surrounded by a sack of slime that attached itself to the slime of the eggs around it. When I picked up a handful, it would slip out of my grip and disintegrate, falling back into the pool.
This morning I was listening to the testimony of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who presented his defense to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was covered live on Public Radio. Interestingly, and maybe it's just because it's springtime again, but whatever the reason, I had the same sensation from that testimony that I used to get from holding a handful of frog eggs. His words were nothing but cold wet slime. It would be impossible to hold even so little as a handful of Gonzales words for more than a few moments.
Most of the senators didn't realize that fact this morning. They aggressively questioned him about his seeming inconsistencies. But by afternoon, the entire debate began to reflect this slimy-egg factor. The debate fizzled from Gonzales's steady stream of denial and sidestepping and sleazy misrepresentation of his own role in the Justice Department. If the winner of the debate was the one with the most frogs eggs at the end of the day, Gonzales clearly won the debate.
The White House quickly reflected agreement with me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Michelle Malkin has been on a feeding frenzy since yesterday's Virginia Tech shooting defending her conservative anti-gun control agenda. Earlier this morning I read in an Australian website that the shooter was an Asian with a Shanghai visa. So far, I haven't seen that information in any American media although public radio is saying the shooter was an Asian male - not sure if Asian-American or a foreign student.
[Update: 11:30 AM Tuesday: Reports now indicate the shooter was South Korean.]
CBS has thrown up a huge smokescreen the way they did with Katrina looking to pin the blame for the shooting on security authorities on and off campus.
America is sick!!!... I mean.....
How many college students die on campus every year?
How many rapes occur each year on college campuses?
How many students tried to stop the lone gunman?
How would anything have been different if students had known of the early morning dorm shooting?
How many fewer students would be shot on campus each year if students armed themselves each and every day with all manner of concealed weapons, Michelle Malkin?
Where were the "nappy-headed hoes" when America really needed them? Where were the underprivileged inner-city Blacks who face violence like this all their lives?
Where were the people of courage and integrity when these students cowered behind desks or jumped out windows while a lone gunman with one or two guns one-by-one shot thirty terrorized students in classrooms and hallways?
Why is self-defense not a mandatory component of student life?
How on earth is all the blame shifting on CBS and throughout American media going to prevent something like this from happening again?
And for god's sake.......
What else in the world is happening while we all divert our focus to this?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Turn Away

So you think the Iraq War wasn't (isn't) about oil. You believe George W. Bush's claim. You don't know what the war was about, but you sure don't think it was for the oil. Well good for you. By all means don't challenge your belief system. Don't read the links I'm about to give you.
First there is this story which should be required reading for "the troops" and their families who, in many cases, wonder why they are in Iraq.
If you are wondering why the Iraqi people seem to be resisting the US/British occupation, maybe you could consider reading this website representing the Iraqi oil union workers in southern Iraq.
This past week someone I was listening to on TV or radio - I don't recall who it was - made the connection between the current "troop surge" and the Iraq Oil Law. The suggestion was that the troop surge was buying time for the government of Iraq to pass the new "oil law." Today I found this blogger who claims to have smuggled a final draft of that law out from inside the Green Zone and translated it from Arabic to English. Now tell me again why something like that would need to be smuggled? I mean isn't the obvious explanation that big oil and the governments of the United States and Britain are applying military pressure while certain officials in Iraq's government secretly determine the fate of Iraq's vast oil wealth?
Oh God no!! That would make it a conspiracy! This blogger must be a liar! Turn away all yee faithful Bushies! Turn away!
The war wasn't (isn't) about oil?
Well then, what was (is) it about, oh wise ones of the world? Bush himself has declared that it isn't about lofty religious ideologies and end time prophesies so hold your horses on that one.
Of course you could always argue that the strategic military objectives are larger than just oil profits for the world's oil barons. After all, didn't Germany lose World War II because it ran out of oil? Didn't the southern front of their invasion of Russia, the push to reach the Baku oil fields, fail and from that point wasn't it a downhill struggle for the Nazis? Didn't the Luftwaffe run out of fuel to defend the skies over Germany from the allied bombers?
So maybe Iraq's vast oil reserves are just a strategic objective, a stepping stone in a much larger strategic theater. Oh but, right, I nearly forgot, the US isn't imperialistic. What larger strategic theater? Impossible!! Impostrous!
Troops, look away! Look away! This isn't what the war is about! Look away quick!
This must be just a bunch of untrustworthy Internet babble. Trust Bush instead. Don't trust the Web. Turn away yee faithful Bushies! Turn away!