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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Deeper Down the Hole

I wonder if there is anybody in America who doesn't comprehend yet why it is that the phone companies need immunity from the law with reference to the Bush spy programs. I mean by that that it seems obvious to me that these phone companies wouldn't need immunity unless they were breaking laws.
What laws are they breaking, you may ask?
Isn't it obvious? They are allowing the US government to spy on you and me without probable cause. They are setting up monitoring equipment that can intercept everything we do on the phone lines, every Internet connection, every phone call, every word recorded, computer-scanned, and memorized for posterity.
The argument we give to justify this is that we are such good citizens that we would never have anything to fear from being monitored this way. I've heard that from my own right-thinking relatives.
But guess what.....
It's illegal and we all perfectly well know it. It's unconstitutional.
Who cares about the Constitution, you ask?
We hope someone does this coming November when We the People get to speak our minds.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Michelle Is Right

Reactionary politics is no way to run a country, but that doesn't seem to stop us. It especially doesn't stop the Republicans among us. Michelle Obama recently confessed that as an adult, she hasn't until now felt real pride for America. Immediately a reactionary fire swept through Republican politics and into the mainstream media. How could any patriotic American ever say she isn't proud of America!!! React! React! React!
Without overtaxing my compassion towards Michelle Obama, I felt I had some idea what she was referring to. I went through the Vietnam era, the Watergate era, the Iran hostage crisis, the outsourcing of nearly everything in the Reagan era and every era since. I went through the era of Desert Storm and the denial of benefits to soldiers injured in that war. I went through the Clinton disgrace. And I've survived the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney disgrace. And I haven't even touched yet on the racial disgrace in this country, something for which Michelle Obama is a front row spectator.
I know the shame of being American.
I grew up proud of my country, just as I am sure Michelle did. But the shame of it all... the shame of all this secret imperialism... the shame of all this racism... the shame of all this scandal... the shame of reactionary politics dominating our political consciousness...
How can a thinking person be proud of an America like that?
Michelle is right. Take a look at this and tell me where she is going wrong in her thinking.